Corona: Collector orders action on restaurant

After inspecting various areas, including Kollampalayam under the Erode Corporation, Collector C Kathiravan ordered officials to seal a restaurant near Erode GH with a fine of Rs 5,000 for not following the government’s corona virus infection prevention and protection measures.

During the inspection, he said ”Various precautionary measures against corona virus infection are being taken on a wartime basis on behalf of the district administration. In addition, it is informed to observe social space in public places and to wear a face mask and violators will be fined and legal action will be taken.”

On that basis, an inspection was carried out today on the anti-infective and preventive measures being taken in the corona virus control areas under the Erode Corporation.

He asked the health workers about the use of face shields and disinfectants by the public living in the Kollampalayam area and the observance of social gaps and whether the government’s corona virus infection prevention and protection measures are being followed properly.

”Owners must also ensure that all employees wear face masks, use disinfectants, and adhere to social space. Also allow every person who comes to businesses and stores after being tested with a thermal scanner that knows body temperature. Do not sell anything to customers who do not wear a mask.

The owner of the company that sells in violation of norms will be fined and sealed and severe action will be taken. Public who do not wear face mask in public places will be fined Rs 200 each.”

He asked public to extend full cooperation to the ongoing preventive measures. Strict action will be taken against violators of corona virus infection prevention and protection measures.

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