Corona: Bed facility ready

As the number of corona victims has increased, precautionary measures including necessary bed facilities have been intensified, said deputy director for health services Dr Soundammal.

The second wave of corona infection has intensified since last March.

It is expected to rise in May and June and then decline gradually.

In Erode district, the daily number of victims has changed from five to 15 and the day before yesterday, 60 people were affected.

At the same time, the number of recovery is low.

The fact that there is no death is a consolation.

At present, the district administration is taking various precautionary measures to check spreading of corona and treat the victims in the government hospital and the specialized Govt treatment centers with adequate bed facilities.

Only with the full cooperation of the people can the increase in corona spread be brought under control.

If people have any symptoms related to corona, they should be tested immediately to start treatment, she advised.

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