Corona: 515 new cases, 2 deaths reported in Erode

As many as 515 new corona cases were reported in the district on Monday. A 65 year old male of Bhavani and 60 year old female of Gettisamudhram, Anthiyur died. As of date 2483 persons were under treatment including home treatment, officials said.

The impact of corona continues to increase in Erode district as well. Since March 1, the government has been vaccinating elderly people over the age of 60, and then persons in the age of 45 and 59, at 24 government centres and 42 private hospitals across the district.

Currently the public is becoming more and more interested in getting vaccinated. Vaccination is done free of cost to the public at government hospitals and primary health centers.

Corona vaccination is being given to 4,000 people daily in the entire Erode district. Similarly, the second instalment of the vaccine is being given to the public without any hitch, they said.

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