Convene an all-party meeting in Coimbatore: P R Natarajan

CPI(M) MP from Coimbatore P R Natarajan has on Wednesday written to the Coimbatore District Collector, requesting him to convene an all-party meeting to consult on corona prevention work.

In his petition to the Collector of Coimbatore, he says, “It is worrying that the number of corona infections in Coimbatore district is spreading to more than a thousand a day. Doctors, nurses and health workers are working tirelessly to bring the infected back home.

There is a risk that the overall medical service will be disrupted if frontline workers are let down by workload. It is learned that nurses are under a lot of stress due to workload. They demand rest for a day or two. The government should immediately order the appointment of medical staff as required, taking into account the workload of the staff.

The jobs of the cleaning staff should be made permanent. Steps should be taken to recruit new staff. Complaints continue to be made that contract cleaners are not being paid as set by the government. The government should ensure that those who are working regardless of life in times of pandemic are paid a fixed wage”. He has also said that fever camps should be increased.

He then added, “Arrangements for ambulance pick-up of those confirmed to be infected with corona were implemented during the last first wave. At present, infected people go directly to the hospital by public transport such as bus and auto as soon as they know the test results. This will further increase the spread of infection.

Arrangements should be made for the infected to be taken to the hospital by ambulance from where they are”. He also mentioned that immediate arrangements should be made to convert government and private colleges, hotels and lodges into treatment centres. “Emergency medicines should be made available without shortage. Private hospitals are contracting with private hotels to provide isolation and treatment.

Private hospitals are charging for this without accounting. Appropriate action should be taken to regularize fees for corona treatment in private hospitals. The government should set up committees to monitor this,” the MP said. “Similarly the corona vaccine has been announced to be given to everyone from May 1 to over 18 years of age. But there is no stock of vaccines in the current situation in the Coimbatore district. Appropriate action should be taken to obtain the required vaccines for the district.

All ESI Dispensary (Pharmacy) Branches, Panchayat and Municipal Offices should be used to pay for this vaccine. A consultative meeting of elected representatives and representatives of political parties in the Coimbatore district should be held in accordance with the corona prevention rules,” he emphasized.

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