Continuing uncertainty in TRB exams: SIC recommends retirement of 9 IAS officers

The State Information Commissioner(SIC) has recommended compulsory retirement for 9 IAS officers in Tamil Nadu.

It has been recommended to send 9 IAS officers who were the chairmen of the Teachers Recruitment Board(TRB) on compulsory retirement. It is alleged that there was a mess in the Assistant Professor and Postgraduate teachers’ examinations held from 2011 to 2020.

IAS officers have been accused with the charges of not providing marks for those who gave correct answers in the examination for the recruitment of Assistant Professors, tampering with the questionnaire format and failing to take action on the complaints of the candidates.

Following this, it was recommended to send 9 IAS officers who were the Chairmen of the Teachers ‘Recruitment Board from 2011-2020 on compulsory retirement as there was a lack of transparency in the examinations conducted by the Tamil Nadu TRB and the same mistake was repeated.

Surjit K, the Information Commissioner has sent a recommendation to the Chief Secretary to take action against 9 IAS officers namely Chaudhary, Vibu Nair, Kakkarkala Usha, Jaganathan, Srinivasan, Nandakumar, Jayanthi, Venkatesh and Latha.

According to reports, the Chief Secretary is expected to take action in a day or two on the recommendation of the State Information Commissioner. It is noteworthy that seven out of the nine IAS officers involved in the complaint are currently in service.

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