Consultative meeting on polling guidelines in Erode

Tamil Nadu Assembly elections are scheduled to be held on April 6.

As the final candidate list has been released, the election field is starting to heat up.

In the Erode East constituency, 14 candidates are contesting as the main party candidates and independents.

A consultative meeting was held at the Corporation on the compliance of the electoral norms of these 14 candidates.

Election Observer Navdeep Rinwa, Expenditure Observer Arup Chatterjee, Erode East Constituency Election Officer Ilangovan, Election Tashildar Vijayakumar, Assistant Election Tashildar Jagannathan, 14 candidates and their representatives were present.

During the meeting, the officials explained the procedures to be followed by the candidates at the polling and counting centers.

Candidates were advised that only four people were allowed with them when they go to vote, and that all 4 must wear masks and gloves and not shake hands with the public.

Only candidates and authorized agents are allowed to go to the polls and counting centers.

Candidates are required to file expenditure data properly before the Election Commission, officials said adding more meetings would follow.

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