Complaint against Real Estate magnates for encroachment

The Tamil Nadu Farmers’ Union has filed a complaint on Monday to the District Collector that the real estate magnates in Coimbatore have encroached on the natural waterway.

The Tamil Nadu Farmers’ Union has complained that houses are being built in the village of Belladi next to Mettupalayam in Coimbatore district, occupying a Public Works Department(PWD)-owned waterway. They filed a petition with the district collector today.

Following this, the Coimbatore district president of the association Palanichamy said, “There is a waterway in the area under the Belladi Panchayat next to Mettupalayam, that belongs to the PWD. Real estate tycoons are building houses occupying this waterway.

They have also encroached the land that belongs to the Karupparayan Kannimar Temple. They have also occupied a 400-foot-wide by 25-foot-deep Check dam. Farmers and the general public in the area have been affected. So the encroachment has to be eliminated”.

He added that no action has been taken so far despite bringing this to the notice of the district administration repeatedly. He then warned that if there is no action this time, they will remove the encroachments themselves(farmers).

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