Commissioner inspects isolated area

Erode Corporation Commissioner Ilangovan inspected an isolated area in Kollampalayam housing unit where 11 persons were afflicted with corona on Thursday.

Various preventive measures were taken to control the spread of corona infection in Erode district. However, the impact of the corona in the district has begun to increase again.

Following this, new restrictions have also been imposed.

In this situation, 11 people have been confirmed to be affected by corona on a road in the Kollampalayam Housing unit. All of them have since been admitted to hospital for treatment.

And corona examination has been performed on everyone who came in contact with them.

Following this,the road was declared a restricted area on behalf of the corporation and the entrance to the road was blocked. Corporation employees are actively monitoring that road. No outsiders are allowed on that street.

All the basic facilities required for the people of that street are being arranged on behalf of the corporation.

Bleaching powder and disinfectant were sprayed all over the area as a preventive measure.

Erode Corporation Commissioner Ilangovan visited the isolated area today and asked the officials about the facilities provided to the public there.

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