Collector warns violators of handloom reservation order

Collector C. Kadiravan said that a case will be registered against the power loom owners violating the handloom reservation order.

In a press release, he said that in order to protect the handloom industry and the livelihood of the handloom weavers, the Centre has enacted the Handloom Reservation Act, 1985 and has allocated 11 varieties of cloth for handloom including cotton saree, silk saree, vetti, towel, lungi, bedsheet, jamukkalam etc.

An enforcement division has been set up in the handloom and textile sector to enforce the law. Production of these varieties on powerlooms is a punishable offence under the Act.

If such cloth are found to be manufactured, the power loom owner concerned will be reported to the police, prosecuted and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment or a fine of Rs.5000 will be slapped, he warned.

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