Collector urged to order monthly meeting on Sipcot

Welfare Association for People Affected by Perundurai Sipcot appealed to the Collector to direct the Perundurai tahsildar to hold a monthly meeting on the problems of Sipcot.

In a petition to Collector and Perundurai tahsildar S. Karthik, the association President S Chinnasamy said that the Sipcot Industrial Development Center has been set up on 2700 acres in Perundurai and has been in operation for the last 25 years. There are more than 200 factories and companies operating here, including dye, laundry, leather, chemical, iron, old battery, rubber, tyre, tube melting and recycling factories.

Groundwater in the vicinity of Sipcot is contaminated due to discharge of toxic wastes by the textile and tannery units without treatment in violation of the law and court ruling for short-term gain.As a result, people in these areas were forced to flee as refugees.

In this situation, environmental activists of the affected Sipcot area formed the Association on 1-6-2018 and announced a stir in front of the Perundurai Pollution Control Board office on 26-06-2018 demanding closure of industrial units polluting the environment in and around Sipcot.

The talks were held on 5-6-2018 by tahsildar of Perundurai. Following this, on 16-06-2018 and 20-06-018, the then Environment minister held talks. Various decisions were taken during the talks including holding of monthly meeting with the participation of officials of Pollution Control Board, Sipcot, Revenue, Police, Health Departments, TWAD, Local administration, on pollution control and relief activities for the affected people.

Accordingly, many meetings were held by tahsildars V. Veeralakshmi, K. Duraisamy, G. Muthukrishnan and various decisions have been taken. Finally, the review meeting was held on 29-01-2021. Then, no meeting was held due to the Assembly poll and corona prevention curfew.
As curfew norms were relaxed now, we request holding of a monthly review meeting on pollution control measures in Sipcot, he added.

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