Collector holds bankers meeting

A consultative meeting for bankers was held at the Erode District Collector’s Office under the chairmanship of District Election Officer andCollector C. Kathiravan IAP, ahead of the Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2021.

During the meeting, Kathiravan, said that the Election Commission of India has announced the timetable for the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections and the Code of Conduct for Elections is in force throughout the Erode District.

Therefore, bankers are required to keep bank documents for the amount they carry from the bank to the branches. Also, the bank employees carrying the money must have the appropriate identification card.

Suspicious money transfers should be reported immediately to the bank’s headquarters and to election officials. Agents are required to carry the required documents to fill up the cash at the automatic teller machine (ATM).

In case of withdrawal of more than Rs. 10 lakhs from the bank account, the head office of the bank and IT department should be informed.

He said the rules of conduct of the election should be strictly followed by all bankers.

The meeting was attended by bankers and related departmental officials.

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