Collector holds all party meeting on Assembly poll

Erode District Election Officer and Collector C. Kathiravan chaired a meeting of all recognized political party representatives at the Collectorate on Saturday on enforcement of election code of conduct.

After the meeting, he told newsmen, “as per the order of the Election Commission of India (ECI), the code of conduct is coming into force in the district.

The ECI has issued the following notification for the poll: Nomination Starts from: March12 (Friday); Last day to file nominations: 19 (Friday); Scrutiny of Nominations: 20 (Saturday), Deadline for withdrawal of nominations: 22 (Monday); Voting day: April 6 (Tuesday), Counting Day: May 2 (Sunday).

The ECI has said that the code of conduct should be followed from the date of publication of the election date.

Accordingly, the Code of Conduct for Elections has come into force in the District from 26.2.2021.

All political parties and the public are urged to abide by the code and co-operate to hold the poll peacefully in the district.

The Public Grievance Day Meeting held every Monday at the District Collector’s Office, the monthly Farmers Grievance Day Meeting will be held only after the conclusion of the poll and until then the public can submit their petitions to the Complaints Petition Box placed at the collectorate to take necessary action.

All departmental officers in Erode district were briefed on the election code of conduct to be followed by government officials.

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