Coimbatore NGO donates oxygen supported bus to GH

A non-governmental organisation(NGO) in Coimbatore has donated two buses with oxygen facilities to the Coimbatore Government Hospital to benefit corona patients.

The beds in GH are overflowing as the number of COVID cases is increasing day by day in Coimbatore. Patients coming to Coimbatore Government Hospital for further treatment are also waiting in ambulances. More and more patients are suffering without oxygen.

Thus for patients waiting for the bed, at the gate of the GH without oxygen, KGISL Company and Entrepreneurs Federation have jointly donated two buses with oxygen facility to Coimbatore GH. The bus, which is set to treat 24 patients at a rate of 12 people per bus, will be parked at the hospital and patients will be treated. Seva Gases Company has said that the buses will be replenished with oxygen from time to time.

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