Coimbatore needs action on war-footing : P R Natarajan

Member of Parliament of Coimbatore P R Natarajan has on Tuesday met the District Collector S Nagarajan and requested him to take immediate and speedy action to combat the prevailing oxygen supply in many hospitals across Coimbatore.

Although there is no shortage of oxygen in government hospitals, there are reports of oxygen deficiency in private hospitals. Coimbatore MP P R Natarajan in person urged the District Collector to take emergency action on war footing to increase the oxygen supply in the Coimbatore district as a precautionary measure. The COVID cases are increasing day by day.

In the Coimbatore district, the number exceeds 1500 per day. As a result, places including Government Hospital, ESI Hospital and CODISSIA are overflowing. Those without symptoms are advised to isolate themselves at home. The people brought to the notice of the Coimbatore MP that there is a shortage of oxygen in private hospitals.

Following this, P R Natarajan met the Coimbatore District Collector on Tuesday and inquired about it. He then spoke to the press, “Oxygen deficiency is reported in many places. There are reports that the government hospital has adequate stocks and the ESI hospital and private hospitals are short of oxygen. Furthermore, as the number of coronavirus infections increases, the number of additional beds with oxygen facilitation should be increased accordingly to accommodate the patients under medical supervision.

“I urge the District Collector to carry out these tasks on a wartime basis as the electoral process has come to an end. I have also brought this matter to the attention of Health Secretary Radhakrishnan. I urge him to intervene immediately to meet medical needs in Coimbatore. Similarly, in the case of the Thadagam brick kiln, the court has given some guidelines on April 30.

We have given copies of the court order to the Collector.” He said that the District Collector was requested to implement the court guidelines as it was a livelihood problem for thousands of workers. Earlier in the day, DMK Coimbatore North District In-Charge CR Ramachandran, CPM Coimbatore District Committee Member R Kesavamani, CITU District Executive N Selvaraj and PNP Union Committee Member Palanichamy were also present.

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