Coimbatore Collector Nagarajan administered the second dose of the COVID vaccine

District Collector Nagarajan on Friday administered the second dose of coronavirus vaccine at Coimbatore Government Medical College Hospital.

Nirmala, Dean, Government Medical College, was also present. Coronavirus vaccination has been in place since January 16 in the Coimbatore district. The second dose is given to those who have been vaccinated with the first dose.

In Coimbatore district, 2 lakh 16 thousand 158 people have been vaccinated with the first dose and 25,544 people have been vaccinated with the second dose summing up to a total of 2,41,702 doses of corona vaccine till date. Among them, 1,12,484 are men and 1,29,219 are women.

In Tamil Nadu, after Chennai, the Coimbatore district has the highest number of people who have administered the vaccines. The coronavirus vaccine is currently being administered to people over the age of 45 in the district at 78 government centres and 102 private centres, including government hospitals, private hospitals and primary health centres.

18,000 doses of vaccines have been kept in reserve at District Health Department Office, 4,260 in Government Medical College Hospital, 2,500 at ESI Medical College Hospital, 4,770 in Government Hospitals, Government Primary and Urban Primary Health Centers and 26,160 in Private Hospitals summing to a total of 55,690 doses.

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