Coimbatore Collector flags off ‘Illam Thedi Kalvi’ campaign vehicle

Coimbatore District Collector Dr Sameeran on Friday flagged off the Education Awareness Demonstration Vehicle under the Illam Thedi Kalvi’ scheme on behalf of the Department of Education at the Coimbatore Collector’s Office.

Chief Educational Officer Geetha and other officials were present. The scheme aims at creating awareness about the importance of education and taking the crux of education to the students at their doorsteps through art forms.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has initiated this programme and it is open for volunteers to contribute and share their knowledge and skills so that the students especially those from rural areas would be benefitted.

In order to implement the scheme, campaign vehicles are allocated to each district in the state. In that regard, the Coimbatore District Collector today, flagged off the campaign vehicle for the ‘Illam Thedi Kalvi’ scheme.

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