Coimbatore bans walking in Racecourse

As part of the Corona prevention activities in Coimbatore, the public has been temporarily banned from visiting all parks including Racecourse in the Corporation area from today until further notice.

The residents of Coimbatore used to carry out walking exercises in Racecourse from early morning till late at night. It has been observed that people who walk in parks neither wear masks nor maintain social distance.Hence the corporation has banned the public entry to parks.

Speaking on this, Coimbatore Corporation Commissioner and Special Officer Rajagopal Sunkara said, “Various precautionary measures are being taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Coimbatore. The public must adhere to the social distance.

Everyone is strictly advised to wear a mask. Also, the public will be temporarily banned from carrying out walking exercises from today until further notice in all parks and Racecourse in the Corporation area”.
The announcement comes after a steady surge in the COVID cases in Coimbatore.

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