Coimbatore airport expansion: Dharna against insufficient compensation

People whose houses have been acquired for the Coimbatore airport expansion work indulged in a dharna at the district Collectorate on Wednesday asserting that the money provided as compensation will not be sufficient enough for building a house.

Work is underway to expand the runway at the International Airport in Coimbatore. For this, the lands around the airport are being acquired and compensation is also provided.

More than 30 members of the Uppilipalayam Village People’s Welfare Association carried banners to the Coimbatore District Collector’s Office to express their condemnation, claiming that they could only buy land and cannot build houses with compensation provided by the government.

They said 110 houses in Saastha Nagar, Arul Murugan Nagar and Gandhi Nagar had been expropriated whereas only the owners of just 20 houses had been compensated. At the same time, the compensation provided by the government is only Rs 33 lakhs to Rs 38 lakhs for those who had a tarmac house on 4 cents and Rs 15 lakhs for those who have a 2 cent cement house, which means that they can only buy land elsewhere in Coimbatore.

They stressed that it was not possible to build a house with the money provided. They, therefore, demanded an alternative for this.

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