CM Stalin retaliates fiercely : AIADMK protests over action on Kodanadu case

AIADMK MLAs in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly were involved in a chaotic protest within the assembly regarding the Kodanadu murder and robbery case on Wednesday.

The debate on the budget filed by the DMK government has been going on since Monday. As the assembly convened this morning for the debate, the AIADMK members entered the assembly with banners wearing black badges in connection with the Kodanadu murder case. Speaker Appavu warned them as they were constantly engaged in chaos.

As they continued to carry banners and shout slogans in defiance of the Speaker’s instructions, the Speaker issued an order to expel the AIADMK MLAs from the House and the MLAs walked out.

Following this, during the discussion on the Kodanadu issue, Chief Minister MK Stalin replied: “Hon’ble Speaker, the Leader of the Opposition has raised an issue here and I have a responsibility to answer that.

After proving that they have a stake in the case, they have walked out of here. With regard to the Kodanadu murder and robbery investigation, this government is now fulfilling its election promise.

The robbery, which took place at midnight, was followed by a series of deaths and accidental deaths that raised suspicions among the people.

That is why we have already promised at election time that the cases will be investigated and the real culprits will be brought to justice”. The Chief Minister added that the investigation is being conducted only with the formal permission of the court and that there is no political intention in it.

“The trial is being conducted with the permission of the court. Therefore, there is certainly no political interference.
Based on the information available in it, there is no need to unnecessarily fear other than the fact that action will be taken against the real culprits. This government will certainly uphold the rule of law.

Therefore, in the case of Kodanadu, a stigma has been imposed on the trial with the permission of the court as ‘politically motivated’.

Just to make it clear that this is not a political vendetta, I have given this explanation in this House,” Stalin said.
The CM then pointed out that the opposition has been constantly accusing the ruling government alleging that the election promises are not being implemented.

“This is one of them and still there are many more things.

Therefore, I would like to emphasize to our esteemed GK Mani, the leader of Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), that the action was taken on the basis of a court direction and not a politically motivated one.

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Nayinarar Nagendran says this has created fear.
One has to be afraid only if there is a hidden truth.
Hence nobody needs to be afraid,” he added.

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