Class 12 practical exams begin in TN amidst a Covid surge

The practical examination for Class 12 students was held in Tamil Nadu today, with the guidelines announced by the government in the context of the second wave of corona spreading actively.

The government is expected to announce soon whether or not the board exams will be postponed. 9 lakh students in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry are scheduled to appear for the Class 12 examinations. Sources from the education department said that the public examination will be held with tight security as all arrangements have been made to conduct the examination as planned.

Amid the corona spread, the Class 12 exams are set to take place on May 5. Practical exams for students begin today. The Department of Education has issued 23 protocols for students taking the exam. The labs should be cleaned with disinfectant before and after the examination. All equipment should be disinfected each time the practical selection is completed.

Students coming for the exam should be seated with social distance. Students must have the necessary equipment placed within a distance of 4 square meters. Hand sanitisers should be provided as needed. The hand sanitiser is flammable. Therefore flammable devices should be handled with care.

Students who have used hand sanitiser should not immediately touch any device that is burning. Students and staff in the practical hall should be told the Corona rules in advance. Precautionary measures should be taken. Doors and windows must be kept open during practical selection.

The ‘exhaust’ fan that pushes the air out must have run out. There should be proper ventilation facilities. All students and staff should have a thermal scanner. Students and staff must wear a mask during the exam. Students may be allowed to bring their own sanitisers and water bottles. Every student must wash their hands before and after the exam. Sanitiser should be used before touching any object or question paper in the laboratory.

Each batch should have appropriate restrooms for students to wait while the exam is already underway. Those restrooms should also be disinfected before each badge students arrive. Safe drinking water should be kept in the exam hall and the waiting room. Toilets should be cleaned in the best possible way. Adequate water facilities should be made available. Students will be re-examined if they have any corona symptoms.

Students will be sent back if they have a fever, cold, or flu. They will also be called on a different date. The date will be announced by the Chief Education Officer. If schools are located in a containment zone, those students will be shifted to a different school for taking the exam.

The arrangements will be made by the CEO. Students should not use pipette equipment in the chemistry practical exam. It is advised not to use this tool as it can be used to apply chemicals orally. Similarly, a microscope should not be used in Biology practical. This is prohibited because students will be required to place their eyes near the microscope lens and engage in a practical test. Thereby action is taken to prevent the spread of the disease. Thus the practical exams in Tamil Nadu have started as planned.

CBSE Class X board examinations have been cancelled while the Class 12 exams have been postponed. There is an expectation that the Class 12 general elections will be postponed in Tamil Nadu as well.

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