CITU seeks corona relief for construction workers

Erode District Construction Workers Union CITU President Ra. Raguraman and General Secretary Madhavan appealed to the CM to grant Rs 3000 as corona relief to construction workers.

In a petition, they said in Tamil Nadu, only 14 lakh people are registered with the Construction Workers Welfare Board. But there are more than 25 lakh construction workers. Many construction workers fail to register with the Welfare Board, renew, and provide the necessary documents about registration.

Thus, welfare board benefits are not available to them. Out of the 17 welfare boards in Tamil Nadu, Rs. 3,000 crore and Rs. 300 crore corpus fund are available in the construction and auto workers welfare boards respectively.

So, construction workers should be paid Rs. 3,000 as corona relief assistance without any condition such as registration of a member of the Welfare Board and renewal of registration etc.

They also demanded reduction of the prices of raw materials for the construction industry such as cement, steel, blue metal and brick etc which rose steeply during the last 10 days and withdrawal of petrol and diesel price hike.

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