Citizen’s Voice urges new CM to tweak oxygen supply

With the impending shortage of oxygen in Tamilnadu the government should consider reviving the oxygen plant in Trichy, the Citizen’s Voice forum has said.

In a statement, the organisatiion’s President C.M Jayaraman and Secretary V. A Shanmugham have appealed to the Chief Minister M.K Stalin to treat the oxygen situation as an emer.gency and restart the closed oxygen plant in Trichy so as to meet the requirements of Tamilnadu and also supply to other states in South India.

The Citizen’s Voice has further insisted that wealthy individuals and the corporate organisations shall be requested to support the cause of fighting the pandemic as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Also, the citizens of the state may be requested to voluntarily contribute to the Chief Minister’s Covid Relief fund.

There are few opportunities which the government may consider which will lead to quick generation of additional revenue towards this initiative.

There are more than 3.5 lakhs applications pending for regularization of approval (unauthorized sites).

If government decides to process the pending applications after fixing a fee for regularization – say, Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 100,000/- per plot it can generate revenue of Rs3,500 crores to 35,000 crores.

The Government should give flexible option for payment as two to three installments and may also offer incentive for full onetime payment.

This will relieve the anxiety of the public waiting for more than three years for regularization.

It may be recollected that previous government when you were the Minister for Local Administration has regularized the unapproved sites by collecting a fee of Rs. 1/- per square feet.

Collection of fine from law evaders should be utilized to ramp up financial situation of the state the forum has pointed out.

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