Changes in TN police dept: IG rank officers to be promoted to ADGP

Following the recommendation, the post of Zonal IGs will now be upgraded to the rank of Zonal ADGPs. As a first step, the post of Southern Division IG has been upgraded to ADGP status.

Following this, there might be a chance of upgrading DIG posts to IGs at the district level. The highest post in the Tamil Nadu Police is that of Law and Order is Director General of Police (DGP). All police departments come under the DGP(law and order). Thus, it has been recently ordered to call this post as the Chief Police Officer.

Under him will come to the other departmental DGPs. They also have ADGP status officers under them. Important in the post of ADGP rank is the task of law-and-order ADGP. Recently, the rank of Law and Order ADGP has been upgraded to Special DGP (Law and Order Special). The post was later re-established as the Law and Order ADGP.

But still, it might not prolong. It is widely believed that a special DGP for law and order will be appointed again. The Commissioner of Police in Chennai is also of ADGP rank. The post of Chennai Police Commissioner is also an important post held by police officers in Tamil Nadu.

Apart from this many other departments are coming up in the police department. There are four IGs in Tamil Nadu under the Law and Order ADGP. There are four zones namely Western Zone, Central Zone, Southern Zone and Northern Zone. Under the Zonal IGs, it is further layered as DIGs, District SPs. Apart from this, 7 Commissioners of Police namely Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore, Salem, Tirunelveli and Tiruppur hold IG status.

The post of the Chennai Commissioner is the most powerful among the seven. The other 6 police commissioners are in IG status. They will come under the ADGP law-and-order. A change was brought about in this as well. Recently the Madurai Commissioner of Police was promoted to the rank of ADGP like that of the Chennai Commissioner. In Chennai, IG rank officers are Additional Commissioners and DIG rank officers are Joint Commissioners.

In this situation, it is said that it has been decided to upgrade the post of range DIG to IG status. Accordingly, the post will be abolished in places where there is the status of Range DIG in the districts. District SPs are upgraded to have IGs in place of Range DIGs.

After being promoted as Range IGs, Zonal IGs should be promoted to the rank of officers with additional status. Based on that, officers with additional DGP status are to be appointed for all 4 zones. As a result, it has been reported that all four zones will be declared as ADGP zones. According to police sources, the post of Southern IG has been transferred to ADGP status as a first step.

Similarly, 6 Commissioners of Police will be appointed as ADGP status officers. An ADGP status officer has already been appointed in Madurai and then transferred. Coimbatore Police Commissioner IG status has been upgraded to ADGP status with the appointment of ADGP rank officer Davidson Devasirwad. When the rank of Commissioners of Police is upgraded to the rank of ADGP in the districts, likely, the post of Commissioner of Police in the big city of Chennai will be upgraded to the rank of DGP as in other metro cities in India where it is already in the status of ADGP.

George and DK Rajendran have already held the post of DGP. Similarly, with the appointment of ADGPs status officers for the four zones, the post of Additional DGP of Law and Order will be weakened and the post will no longer exist and will be renamed as Special DGP (Law & Order). Thus, the law and order special DGP will be appointed for the four zonal additional DGPs at the state level in response to the additional law and order DGP. According to police sources, the changes may take effect soon.

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