Cell phones not allowed within 100 metres of poll booths: Election Commission

The Election Commission has imposed strict restrictions on polling stations where except for the Presiding Officer, everybody else is not allowed to use cell phones, wireless sets or cordless phones in the area within 100 meters of the polling station.

The Election Commission has issued directions to the Presiding Officers and the other polling officials that the restrictions be imposed on the polling stations ahead of the Legislative Assembly elections. The features mentioned in it are as follows: Action will be taken if election staff leave the polling station.

Cell phone, cordless phone and wireless sets should not be used in the polling station and within 100 meters of the polling booth except for the Presiding Officer. If the Presiding Officer of the polling booth comes to know without a doubt that a voter if he or she, due to blindness or other forms of disability is about to cast his vote without anybody’s help, as per Rule 49N8, the voter can be provided with an assistant who is 18 years old. No one should be allowed to act as an assistant to more than one voter.

Before allowing any person to act as an aide to a voter an affidavit must be obtained stating that he/she will maintain the secrecy of the vote that was cast on behalf of the voter and that he/she has not already acted as an aide to any other voter at any polling station on that day. For this, the form Declaration by the Companion to Blind and Infirm Voters will be provided.

The person who comes as an assistant to the voter must place ink on the index finger of his right hand. Appropriate arrangements have been made for the elderly, persons with disabilities and those suffering from corona disease to vote by postal ballot. Practical details on this will be provided separately. Thus it is mentioned.

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