Cater to the well being of majority voters

The ruling AIADMK government has already implemented certain schemes way before the elections which were announced as electoral promises by DMK.

Just before the announcement of the election, the government of Tamil Nadu passed on the bill that envisages 10.5% internal reservation to the Vanniyars that come under the Most Backward Classes.

It has been announced that the reservation policies will be revamped and appropriate recognition will be provided to all the castes after the caste wise census which is set to be taken in six months’ time.

But what is the expectation of a common voter in Tamil Nadu?
People are in an unsettled mindset as they have lost the purchasing power due to the heavy price hike of essentials such as petrol, diesel and cooking gas due to the economic recession post-pandemic. 

Instead of giving away tricky promises just to fascinate the voters, please consider the actual needs of the majority voters who are suffering a lot as their livelihoods are at stake.

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