Candidates urged to protect children’s rights

Campaign Against Child Labour – Tamilnadu and Puducherry (NGOs federation) appealed to all candidates in the present poll to make ”right to free, quality, equitable and compulsory education” for all children upto 18 years as a fundamental right and thus create a child labour free and child sensitive society.

In this regard, the federation convenor R Karuppasamy submitted petitions to Gobi DMK candidate Manimaran, Bhavani Sagar candidates CPI Sundaram, AIADMK Pannari, DMDK Ramesh, Naam Tamilar Party Sangeetha and MNM Karthik Kumar.

They also said they would enforce children’s rights if they came to power. Karuppasamy said ”It has been 28 years since our Government of India adopted the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Yet there is still a need to pay adequate attention to create a child-friendly environment.

The welfare of children, good education, protection, child participation, and hearing of their views in decision making is still not fully ensured.

That is to say, the federation prepared charter of demands and submitted it to political parties to protect the rights of children as enshrined in the UN Convention.

So, political parties and candidates in the constituency must make separate promises for children, in line with the principle that children’s rights are paramount and that the welfare of children comes first.

Only if such promises are made can they be legislated.

They will be included in the plans only if they become laws. The needs of the children will be met only when the plans are laid out and implemented and it would alone benefit 40% of the population i.e. about 3 crore in Tamil Nadu.

The victorious candidates should take action on the subject after coming to power, he pleaded.

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