Candidates keen to appoint counting agents

Candidates are actively engaged in the task of appointing experienced agents for each vote counting table in the counting centres with only 2 weeks left for counting of votes.

Voting machines used in 6 out of 8 constituencies in Erode district namely Erode East, Erode West, Modakkurichi, Perundurai, Bhavani, Anthiyur were kept in the IRTT College of Engineering and Technology and the machines used in Bavanisagar and Gobi were kept in Gobi Arts College.

Party agents were monitoring the voting machines and the counting is scheduled to be held on May 2.

Candidates were already provided with the details of registered ballot papers in each polling station.

Each candidate must appoint agents according to the tables.

So, the parties are intensifying its efforts to appoint agents to monitor the counting process.

With 2 more weeks to go, some parties are trying to get an ID card by handing over a list of their agents in advance to the election officials.

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