Candidates, agents must undergo corona test

Candidates and their agents who are going to visit vote counting centres must undergo corona tests to be held on April 28, Collector C. Kathiravan said.

He said that the counting of votes for the 8 Assembly constituencies in the Erode District is scheduled to take place on May 2 at 8.00 am at the following campuses-IRTT engineering college, Chithodu and Gobi Arts and Science College, Gobi.

Fourteen counting tables have been set up for each of the 8 assembly constituencies in Erode district and 4 tables each for 8 Assembly constituencies for counting postal votes.

Each candidate can appoint 14 agents for the counting tables and 4 agents separately for the 4 counting tables for postal votes.

Two copies of application for appointment of agents for all segments should be made for each constituency in Form 18 by 6.00 pm on 27.04.2021 to the Returning Officer of the concerned Assembly constituency. Applications submitted after that date will not be accepted.

Due to the current Corona-19 epidemic, all candidates and counting agents who come to the counting center should obtain certificates to prove that they are free from corona.

Such persons will alone be appointed as agents
So, a special corona testing center will be set up at the office of the Returning Officer in each Assembly constituency on April 28 and all candidates and their agents will be examined.

Therefore, each candidate should submit the list of agents to be appointed to the Returning Officer and take action to bring them to the testing camp to be held on April 28 and thus co-operate with the district administration.

Once all the applications received for the appointment of agents have been considered and the agents have been certified as not infected with the corona infection, each agent will be given a photo ID card for counting table separately.

Candidates and ballot counting center agents must wear face maskd and gloves in the counting center. Persons not wearing face shields and gloves will not be allowed at the counting center.

The mask and gloves for the above agents should be provided to them by the concerned candidates.
All agents must arrive at the Counting Center by 7.00 am on polling day.

Agents should only bring a pen, pencil and the papers needed to mark the statistics. No other items will be allowed inside the counting center. It is strictly forbidden to bring a cell phone and any sharp objects.

After the police check, they should appear before the allotted table in the hall of the Assembly constituency allotted to them. They should not leave the allotted table and go to the nearest table.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has said that agents are not allowed to bring any food items or drinking water and that breakfast, tea and (lunch) for agents will be provided only by the district administration and the candidates will have to pay the amount in advance.

Accordingly, each candidate has to pay the amount for the number of agents he has applied to appoint to the concerned Returning Officer and obtain a receipt for the same.

Postal voting will start at 8.00 am on May 2. Once the postal vote count is over, the designated agents must leave the counting center. They are not allowed to go anywhere else.

Agents must hand over their ID card to the police before leaving the counting center.

All steps were taken by the ECI to monitor all the polling booths directly through the website.

All agents in the counting hall should abide by the rules laid down by the ECI and behave with dignity. they should not talk unnecessary things with other agents. Agents will be expelled from the counting center immediately if anyone violates the rules.

During the counting of votes for the 8 constituencies in the Erode district, all the candidates and agents should abide by the rules laid down by the ECI and provide the necessary co-operation to conduct the counting of votes in the best possible manner, he said.

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