Cadres rue over brewing Indiscipline in AIADMK

AIADMK party members rued over brewing Indiscipline in the party which could not be seen during late Jayalalithaa period, by citing the statements of some MLAs who were denied party ticket in the current poll.

When Jayalalithaa was in power, she took action if the partymen acted in such manner.

Sasikala Pushpa, who was an MP, SVe Sekar, who was an MLA and many others expelled from party post or party.

She took action on those who openly aired their views though it was not against her.

Now Minister Nilofer Kabil, MLA Thoppu Venkatachalam etc openly flays party for not giving ticket, damaging party’s image.

But Panneer Selvam, the party’s current co-ordinator, did not act in such manner except expelling an MLA who spoke against minister Rajendra Balaji.

Commenting on this, the partymen said: In 2016, Perundurai MLA, Thoppu Venkatachalam was denied Minister and District Secretary post by Jayalalithaa. Then, he did not open his mouth.

Now, once he was denied ticket, he cried in hoarse in public and asked as ‘what wrong thing he did to deny party ticket’.

However, the Erode East MLA KS Thennarasu, who was denied ticket, attended party functions as usual with district secretary and MLA KV Ramalingam.

Meanwhile, in Erode East many functionaries like KC Palanisamy, Manokaran, Mallik Paramasivam, Nandakumar and Manal Gunasekaran, etc who applied for Erode East or West constituencies, did not show interest in poll work..

Similarly, Bhavani Sagar MLA Eeswaran, Anthiyur MLA Raja, who were denied tickets to contest again, and many others have abstained from poll work. Candidates who met them, too, have gone berserk.

Some cadres sent letters in this regard to party high command, sources said. adding even if action is not taken during the election, some steps should be taken to maintain discipline in the party.

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