Brave decision

Medical experts say the third wave is likely to come at this time when the corona spread is high. Experts have suggested that drawing in unvaccinated students to write exams could increase the risk of infection.

But they also said that postponing the exam globally would affect students mentally.
In view of all this, the life-saving decision of Chief Minister Stalin to cancel the Class 12 examination this year is highly commendable.

He has also set up a committee headed by the Principal Secretary of School Education to decide the way in which the students can be graded for their entry into higher studies.

It has been announced that marks will be awarded on the recommendation of the committee.
Many academicians and high school principals say, “There are already 10th and 11th-grade exams.

Those scores can be taken into account. The practical examination for Class 12 is over. There will be no issues if the marks are given to the students taking that and the internal assessment into account”.

Chief Minister Stalin has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him to cancel the NEET exam as well. Just as there is a fear of corona spreading if students are converged in one place for the Class 12 public exam and CBSE Class 12 exams, the same fear prevails for the NEET as well.

Therefore, the general opinion is that the Prime Minister and the Central Government should accept the request of the Government of Tamil Nadu to cancel all entrance examinations this year, including NEET.

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