Boating Trial run in Valparai


As the construction works for a boathouse in Valparai are on the verge of completion, the Municipal Commissioner Paunraj said that a trial run has been conducted.

The people of Valparai in the Coimbatore district have been requesting the establishment of a boathouse.

Accordingly, the Minister for Municipal Administration, Rural Development, and Implementation of Special Programme S P Velumani initiated the construction of a boathouse in Valparai.

Under the supervision of the Municipal Commissioner of Valparai Paunraj, a suitable place was chosen and a boathouse at a cost of Rs 75 lakhs is being constructed.

As the works are almost over the initial phase of a trial run for boating has been started to ensure safety.

As per the orders of the Municipal Commissioner, the trial run is being conducted with the municipality workers.

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