BJP agents protest demanding facilities at the counting centre in Coimbatore

Government College of Technology(GCT) in Thadagam Road, Coimbatore is the counting centre for all the 10 constituencies of the district.

All the electronic voting machines belonging to the 10 constituencies are kept in the GCT premises. Accordingly, the agents of all the political parties are stationed there for surveillance purposes.

In this context, a protest was organised by the BJP led by the party’s Chief Election Agent of Coimbatore Nandakumar who is also the district secretary of BJP. They claimed that there are no adequate facilities for the cadres who are staying at the counting centre.

He said there were no toilets, resting rooms or even food facilities and it was the duty of the government to provide basic facilities to the agents for the security of the voting machines, but the government did not do so.

Nandakumar said that there is a possibility of coronavirus infection as all the agents are made to stay in a congested room. He added that he had met the officials in person and they, in turn, promised to take action to make the necessary basic facilities available from tomorrow, failing which would lead to a protest.

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