Baby hygiene can guard against infections: Ayurvedic Expert


Babies are prone to infections as their immune system is still developing and parentsshould take care to ensure that their baby is protected from infection-causing germs and bacteria said, Dr. PratibhaBabshet, Ayurveda Expert,The Himalaya Drug Company.

In a communication to the media by The Himalaya Drug Company, Dr. Pratiba says parents to wash hands regularly, for a minimum of 20 seconds with water and soapas hands carry germs and bacteria that often cause common cold, flu, and other infections. “It is equally important to encourage your toddler to wash hands,”adds Dr. Pratibha.

Parents should keep in mind to clean the surfaces with disinfectants because baby comes in contact with floor surfaces and almost everything in the house while playing or crawling. Bathing is also an important aspect when it comes to hygiene. It is equally important for the mother to maintain basic hygiene, which will prevent germs from passing on to baby,”says Dr. Pratibha.

Dr. Pratibha further advises new moms tochange baby’s diaperevery 2-3 hours.“Moms can opt for a baby laundry detergent formulated with naturally derived cleansing agents, herbs with antibacterial properties, and that is free from phosphorous, parabens, SLS/SLES/ ALS, synthetic color, added bleach, and silicates” she says.


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