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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Vote counting officials take part in training session in Tiruppur

Vote counting officials take part in training session in Tiruppur

Tiruppur Electoral Officer and District Collector T Christuraj oversaw a training session organised for vote counting officials at the district collector office in preparation for the upcoming vote counting day. The training aimed to ensure that all officials involved in the vote counting process are well-versed in their responsibilities and familiar with the electronic voting machines (EVMs).

During the session, the District Collector provided guidance to the officials, highlighting the importance of understanding the procedures and protocols for a smooth and efficient vote counting process. He mentioned that the vote counting for Tiruppur constituencies, including Tiruppur North, Tiruppur South, Gobichettipalayam, Andhiyur, Bhavani, and Perundurai, would involve 102 supervisors, 102 assistant officials, and 120 micro observers.

The training sessions are designed to equip the officials with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle the vote counting process accurately and efficiently. The event was also attended by District Revenue Officer Jaibhim, Assistant Collector Jayaraman, and other government officials, emphasising the importance of thorough preparation for the electoral process.