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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Kerala Govt. must  stop its dam project

Kerala Govt. must stop its dam project

The Kerala government is reportedly constructing a barrage across the Silanthi River at a place called Peruguda in Devikulam area of Idukki district. It is feared that the barrage will reduce the amount of water coming into Amaravati Dam. The farmers of the area are worried about this as it irrigates 55 thousand acres of land in Tirupur and Karur districts. Also, 110 joint drinking water projects are being implemented through this Amaravati river basin.
 While these reports have created a lot of political heat, various political leaders are strongly condemning the action of the Kerala government. Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin has written a letter to Kerala Chief Minister PinarayiVijayan regarding this 
matter. Chief Minister Stalin has insisted that these works should be stopped immediately as the farmers of Tamil Nadu will be affected. 
Urging his counterpart to maintain the true spirit of friendship between the he has appealed the Kerala chief minister to instruct the concerned officials of the Kerala government to suspend this work until the issue is resolved.
It is very important that there should not be even a small rift in the good relations between Tamil Nadu & Kerala which have long borders andthe livelihoods of the people of the two states are intertwined in many matters including business. Good relations and camaraderie should not be compromised.
What will PinarayiVijayan reply to M.K.Stalin's letter?