Appeal to volunteers to help rural development

Erode District Rural Development Agency Project Director Pratik Dayal said that volunteers, charities and NGOs can approach him to provide basic facilities in rural areas.

He said that corona spread has been brought under control in rural areas of Erode district.

Appointing a volunteer for every 100 households has yielded good results in containing corona.

They create awareness about the disease along with holding corona survey. The public must be vigilant and follow government ethics to protect themselves from corona. In the district, panchayat union-wise corona monitoring committees have been set up.

They have also been focussing on improvement of basic facilities in rural areas, along with corona prevention work.

Immediate action will be taken if they bring to our attention problems such areas as drinking water, roads, public toilets, dumping of rubbish, hurdles in starting new industries in rural areas and job creation.

We are ready to take action to reach out to the people with government programmes. Volunteers and charities should come forward to work to help the people and the district administration.

Villagers in hill areas can report what they need in their habitats.

Those who are interested in social work and in bringing the government’s plan to the people there can also contact us in person, he said.

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