Amicable tax exemption

The public and political party leaders have welcomed the decision made by the Government of Tamil Nadu for granting SGST tax exemption to relief items sent from abroad.

It was also praised to be a good attempt during the pandemic period.

The Tamil Nadu government has appointed IAS officers to implement the central government’s order.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has appointed special officers for ports and airports in Tamil Nadu. The Government of Tamil Nadu is taking steps to prevent corona.

In this situation, corona related relief items and funds are being sent to Tamil Nadu from abroad.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has stated that the so-called SGST tax exemption will be given to corona related relief items donated to Tamil Nadu from other countries on the basis that it will be convenient for those abroad to provide financial assistance and other sorts of assistance.

This exemption is commendable and welcomed. This speedy action taken by the state government is appreciated by all. Donors from abroad are also happy.

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