Amazon India using special parcel trains to move goods amid lockdown


Amazon India today announced that the company was leveraging the ’COVID-19 Parcel Special Trains’ introduced by the Indian Railways to ramp up its operations to 55 lanes during the lockdown period.

Indian Railways with the support of the Railway Board and the zones across Western, Central, Northern, Eastern, South Central, Southern, South Eastern, North East Frontier, North Westernand South Western have created a solution to provide support for transportation during lockdown.

This enhanced network will enable sellers in Amazon India’s network to ship their products across the country and keep their businesses running, thereby, allowingpeople to access a more diverse selection of essential products.

“With the support of COVID-19 Parcel Special trains introduced by the Indian Railways, we are confident that we can further fulfil customer orders with enhanced speed and capacity.

We are grateful for this timely decision by the Indian Railways to offer freight movement solutions during these challenging times,” said Abhinav Singh, Director – Amazon Transportation Services, Amazon India.

“We are pleased to extend our partnership with Amazon India and offer services of ’COVID-19 Parcel Special Trains’to ensure that essential needs of the public across the country are met and fulfilled by Amazon. We will continue to build on this partnership to help the industry service customers during this critical period,”said official sources at the Indian Railways.

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