Allegation against England’s policy

A parliamentary committee report said the UK government had made a mistake last year in dealing with the corona epidemic.

The UK Health and Social Welfare Committee, in conjunction with the Science and Technology Committee, has released a report on the UK government’s handling of the corona epidemic.

In this report, it was said that the UK government has taken a risky approach to deal with the spread of corona infection in early 2020.

It has failed to do rapid lockdowns and large-scale corona tests like in East-Asian countries. So, on the contrary, the crowding of people became so rampant and the infection was inevitable.

As a result, the disease spread rapidly across the country. It has been reported that a large number of corona deaths have occurred due to this misguided policy of the government.

Despite the government’s denials, parliamentary investigators pointed to the government’s miscalculated corona prevention policy as the cause of the increase in deaths.

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