Alcoholics flocked to liquor shops ahead of curfew

Liquor lovers, who had gathered to buy liquor due to the curfew, could not use their bank cards, so they lined up at the ATMs to withdraw money and buy liquor on Sunday.

The second phase of the curfew in Tamil Nadu has come into effect beginning today until May 24. Liquor stores have been given a two-week holiday. At the Elite Liquor Store in Pappanaickenpalayam, Coimbatore, more than a hundred wine-lovers were waiting in queue to buy wines.

Only four people were allowed in at a time according to COVID guidelines. Unable to use bank cards as only cash was accepted, customers lined up at a nearby ATM centre to withdraw money and buy wine. They bought liquor in huge quantities as though they were buying groceries.

It is noteworthy that those waiting in queues at the liquor shop did not adhere to the social distancing norm.

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