Alcohol ban needs to be decided with persistence

Tamil Nadu is ahead of its general assembly elections. The state is facing the election in the absence of key leaders Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa.

Way before the polling dates were announced, the political parties started their electoral campaigns. An array of promises are being thrown in towards the people.

New announcements are unfolding every day. As soon as the opposition parties assured that they would give a waiver to the farm loans if they came to power, the ruling AIADMK government announced the waiver and has also implemented it.

Assurances have been given in favour of the homemakers as well. Some have even promised that within 100 days of coming to power, all the issues would be resolved.

They also talk about the employment opportunities and development of small scale businesses.

They might also come up with a lot more fascinating promises as the polling nears.

During the last assembly elections, one party said that they would ban alcohol completely while the other said that they would implement the ban in steps.

It is to be noted that the High Court recently expressed its anguish towards the heightened sales of alcohol in the state. 

Are these political parties who are campaigning now, aware of the promises they gave during the last election? Do the voters at least remember those promises? Let a clear decision on the alcohol ban be taken with persistence.

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