AIADMK will have to miss the opportunity: ER Eswaran

Kongunadu Makkal Desiya Katchi(KMDK) General Secretary Eeswaran has on Saturday said that the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) will lose the opportunity due to the prevailing confusion in choosing the opposition leader in Tamil Nadu.

Eswaran spoke to the press on Saturday at the Coimbatore airport. Speaking then, he said, “The people of Tamil Nadu, with high expectations, have given regime change and chosen better governance. The new Chief Minister has given a very commendable start to his governance by changing the Chief secretary and appointing additional secretaries to the CM.

It is thus obvious from this action that he is going to establish good governance in the coming days. When you look at that team, you know that the administration in Tamil Nadu is doing very well. Has begun to rule very well”. He then highlighted the fact that the CM has signed the files to fulfil the election promises and instilled confidence in the people on the very first day of taking charge.

He then said that the CM has expedited the COVID prevention measures as well. He said everyone has known that he has been calling the authorities for the last few days and intensifying the work. “ It is hoped that Tamil Nadu will soon be liberated from the grip of Corona. As expected, he has entered the field with plans to develop Tamil Nadu, create jobs and increase cash flow. Congratulations to the Chief Minister and Ministers of Tamil Nadu.

Looking at the list, it is clear that the Chief Minister is not only selecting good ministers but also focusing on social justice,” Eswaran said. He added that the Centre should order to stop 60 tons of oxygen going to Andhra Pradesh and supply it in Tamil Nadu. He stressed that the former government did send the oxygen cylinders to Andhra Pradesh under the compulsion of the Central Government and the Central Government should stop that order and take steps to get oxygen from Kerala. While talking about the tussle within ADMK, he said, “It is expected that there will be confusion in electing the Leader of the Opposition in the AIADMK and everyone knows that this problem will come when the AIADMK loses the election.

The amicable solution has now been postponed.” “We think the Opposition should be strong in Tamil Nadu because the AIADMK is in opposition, so a smooth solution must be reached. These problems were there before the election itself. If the party does not intend to attain a feasible solution, then ADMK will have to miss out on the chance of being the main opposition party in the assembly,” he said.

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