DMK tries hard to break AIADMK bastion at Bavani


DMK Durairaj has tried hard to break AIADMK bastion in Bavani segment this time, taking advantage of discreet anti incumbency wave and many allegations against ruling party.

After 1971 poll, DMK did not win in the segment though its allies won. So, the DMK is desperate to win this time.

The AIADMK is trying hard to win the seat for 3rd successive time. As the two parties have coalition strengths, there is fierce competition between the candidates Durairaj (DMK) and Environment Minister and party suburban district secretary KC Karuppannan (AIADMK) Bhavani constituency has more number of Vanniyars and Goundars with a significant population of Dalits and other communities.

The agriculture is main profession thanks to west bank canal of the Mettur dam.

There is no major drinking water problem as the Bhavani and Cauvery rivers flow. The traditional Jamukkalam handloom weaving and dyeing industry give job opportunity to many.

Problems of the constituency: Due to the lack of businesses in the constituency, there is a tendency to go to other places for work.

Unemployment and loss of income continue due to the weakening handloom industry. No new jobs were created for educated youth.

The dyeing industry is affected due to environmental issues. No CETP was created to check pollution problem, though the minister promised in this regard many times. Bhavani Sangameshwara Temple, a tourist destination, has not seen much growth.

Voter Profile: Male Voters 1,17,253. Female voters were 1,21,406, transgender 8 total 2,38,667.

In the 15 assembly elections held since 1952, the Congress party has won three times, the DMK twice, the AIADMK seven times, the JP and TMC once in the DMK alliance and the Independent once.

Bhavani has become a VIP constituency as KC Karuppannan, who polled 24,881 votes more than DMK candidate N Sivakumar in the last assembly poll, has taken charge as the Environment Minister.

There are a total of 14 candidates in the constituency including Karuppannan, KP Durairaj, M. Radhakrishnan (AMMK),K. Sadanandam from (MNM) and M. Satya ( Naam Tamilar Party).

Although there are 14 candidates in the Bhavani constituency, there is a keen contest is existed between AIADMK and DMK only.

KC Karuppanan was already a member of the Legislative Assembly in 2001 and lost in 2006 poll. He served as Bavani municipal chairman in 2011-16.

Subsequently, he won in 2016 poll. With the AIADMK in the BJP alliance, he faces problem in getting a 10 per cent minority vote.

Although KC Karuppanan has been the Minister for the last 5 years, it is disappointing that no major projects, government colleges, and profession have been started.

His approach of giving all posts to his Goundar community brought the wrath of Vanniyars.

The Handloom carpet sector is on the verge of extinction and no steps were taken to expand irrigation facility by diverting Mettur surplus water.

No check dams were constructed across Bavani river as demanded by ryots for many years.

KP Durairaj (DMK) party block secretary is contesting for the first time.

He tries to lure voters through his simplicity and citing various drawbacks of 10 year rule of AIADMK. Just like Karupanan, he is also belonging to majority Goundar community.

DMK cadres working enthusiastically with the coalition parties is seen as an added strength of him.

M. Radhakrishnan and Bhavani Radha (A) Radhakrishnan, are already known among the people of Bhavani constituency as they held various responsibilities in the AIADMK.

So, they would divide the votes considerably.
2016 poll results:
Total votes: 2,27,985
Registered Votes: 1,88,950
KC Karuppanan (AIADMK) – 85,748.
N. Sivakumar (DMK) – 60,861.
KV Ramanathan (PMK) – 20,727.
P. Gopal (DMDK) – 6,927
S. Chandrasekar (KMDK) – 4,389

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