AIADMK will alone protect the dignity of women

AIADMK will alone honour women and protect their dignity, said Perundurai AIADMK candidate S Jayakumar.

While campaigning in various places of Perundurai, he cited the insinuation remarks made by the DMK leaders like A Raja, and Dindigul Leoni against women in recent days .

He said women would not tolerate such remarks and they would give a fitting lesson in the coming poll to DMK.

Then, he listed out various welfare schemes for women, implemented in the AIADMK rule.

He also highlighted various development works initiated in the segment during the 10 year rule of AIADMK. More than 500 AIADMK men took part in the two-wheeler rally in the town raising slogans in support of AIADMK and Jayakumar.

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