AIADMK manifesto well received by people: P. Thangamani

Electricity Minister P. Thangamani said that the AIADMK’s election manifesto on welfare programmes has been well received by the people.

In his Kumarapalayam segment, he campaigned for himself at Pallipalayam on Sunday and said that ”the welfare schemes mentioned in the AIADMK’s manifesto has been well received by the people of Tamil Nadu.

While many welfare schemes have already been implemented, all the schemes announced for the advancement of women are beneficial. Thus, the manifesto became popular among the people.

He said that if the DMK comes to power, people would face 18 hours of powercut as seen in its previous regime. Kattapanchayat, rowdism, land grabbing, corruption, maladministration, family rule would come into existence.

The AIADMK rule removed all such problems and made the state garden of peace for the past 10 years which ensured sustainable growth, progress in industrial, agriculture sectors, and improved the living standards of the people much, he noted.

Citing the power surplus status of the state, he said that it was the main reason for industrial growth improving the job opportunity of the people.

Now, TN is the first state in the nation in providing three phase power supply to farmers from April 1. It would further improve the farmers income and ensure more growth in farm sector, he hoped.

AIADMK Pallipalayam town secretary PS Velliangiri, block secretaries Senthil and Chandrasekar accompanied him.

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