AIADMK is not a hereditary property of anyone: KAS

AIADMK is not a hereditary property of anyone, said Education Minister KA Sengottaiyan while retorting charges of former minister and Perundurai MLA Thoppu ND Venkatachalam, who was contesting as independent after denial of party ticket to contest again in the segment.

Campaigning for AIADMK Perundurai candidate S Jayakumar at Perundurai, Kanchikoil, Pethampalayam, Kunnathur and Uthukkuli, he, without directly naming Thoppu, said that ” he claimed he brought the Athikadavu Avinasi scheme.
Is he a leader big enough to bring it without the Chief Minister’s nod.

It’s fun to say like that. You are the one who damaged a hillock in Chennimalai. We know where 31 MLAs like you have gone.

Let’s not forget that you are the one who created the situation to break AIADMK. Did you go to a meeting held by TTV Dinakaran at a place in the southern district? You returned to the party only after action was taken against 18 MLAs.

Did you think this AIADMK rule would not last? Is this the loyalty you showed to this party? You asked me what I did wrong, is it not wrong to contest against the party candidate?, he asked.

You say I blocked the Kodiveri joint drinking water project.

We could not allow even a drop of water to go from that place if we had thought to prevent it.
But we (ministers) have a duty to quench the thirst of our people in this soil.

So, we were the first to ask CM carry out the project to solve drinking water problem in Uthukkuli and Perundurai areas. Today you are contesting as an independent.

You became minister because of AIADMK came to power.
Otherwise, you could not have received this much energy to contest alone.

Now, you are saying that I would contest independently if I did not get a seat, after enjoying minister post. I (KAS) was not given a party ticket in 2001 poll.

I din’t care about that and contest against the party.

Because this movement is so important till my last breath. In the party any cadre can come to power because the posts are not hereditary property of anyone.

The segment is an iron fort of AIADMK. So, no-one can destabilize it. The CM has fielded Jayakumar as a candidate with the approval of the Dy CM.

Former MLAs Palanichamy, Ponnuchamy and Ponnuthurai supported him. Volunteers like Jayakumar can become leaders only in AIADMK alone, he noted.

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