AIADMK faces DMK in 4 constituencies

In Erode district, the AIADMK is contesting in 6 assembly constituencies- in Erode West, Gobi, Bhavani, Anthiyur, Bhavani Sagar and Perundurai.

It allotted Erode East to the TMC and Modakkurichi constituency to BJP.

Similarly, DMK fieled its candidates in 5 segments -Erode West, Modakkurichi, Bhavani, Anthiyur and Gobi and allotted Erode East to Congress, Bhavani Sagar to CPI, and Perundurai to KMDK.

In this ADMK and DMK are directly contesting in 4 assembly constituencies namely Erode West, Bhavani, Gobi and Anthiyur. In the case of the Erode East constituency, the TMC in the AIADMK alliance and the Congress party in the DMK alliance are directly entering into the fray. Thus the political arena is heating up.

The AIADMK is facing CPI in Bhavani Sagar, KMDK in Perundurai and BJP is facing DMK in Modakkurichi constituency.

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