Agri students prepare low cost, eco- friendly biocides

Students of Vanavarayar Agricultural College gave a presentation on production of a liquid biocide by using locally available herbals to kill worms and pests that could cause harm to various crops.

Under the Rural Agriculture Experience Programme at Kalingayam village, Gobi, they explained the production method to a group of ryots by using 1 kg garlic, 1 kg green chillies and 1 kg ginger, add a little water and grinding it finely.

The resulting mixture should be soaked in 4 liters of cow urine for a week. Then drain the juice and divide it into 10 parts and mix in 10 tank of water.

The liquid prevent fruit and stem worms To make another biocide Agniastram, grind 1 kg of green chillies, 1 kg of garlic, 1 kg of tobacco, 2 kg of neem, 20 liters of komium and boil for 45 minutes in 20 liters of komium.

Then place in the shade for 2 days.

Then filter and spray it on the crops.

It would control fruit worm, stem worm and other worms. Farmers can benefit by applying the above solutions to their crops and protect them.

Abhinaya, Akshaya, Akshaya, Banu Loshini, Paranipriya, Deepavisni, Deepika, Tanya, Divyasree and Fathima Barha, took part in the event.

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