ADMK will win all 10 seats in Coimbatore district: EPS

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK Deputy Coordinator Edappadi K Palanisamy campaigned on Thursday at the CODISSIA ground in Coimbatore in support of the candidates contesting the assembly constituencies in the Coimbatore district on behalf of the National Democratic Alliance.

He then said that DMK leader Stalin was dreaming that the DMK alliance would win in all 234 constituencies. He also said that today’s campaign meeting proved the strength of AIADMK in the Coimbatore district. Speaking at the election campaign meeting, he said, “AIADMK will definitely win the forthcoming Assembly elections.

No matter how many slanders are spread, AIADMK will definitely win. The reason is that the AIADMK alliance has done many benefits to the people of the state. We have formed an alliance with the BJP and various strong parties working to make India a superpower and win the Assembly elections”. “It is the AIADMK-BJP alliance that is taking Tamil Nadu and India towards development.

In the Coimbatore district, only one constituency was lost in the last election. This time, the AIADMK will win all 10 constituencies”, he added. He also alleged that DMK leader Stalin is spreading false propaganda that ADMK has done nothing for the people. “The AIADMK government has implemented a number of projects in the Coimbatore district alone. The district has witnessed unprecedented growth.

The AIADMK government has provided all facilities to the district such as roads, drinking water, flyovers and colleges. AIADMK is not a party that does family politics like DMK. It is our alliance that is taking Tamil Nadu and the nation towards development. A detailed project report for the Metro Rail project is being prepared in Coimbatore, which is full of factories and employment.

Coimbatore has the longest flyover in Tamil Nadu. AIADMK has fulfilled the long overdue demand of the farmers for the Athikadavu-Avinashi project. We will come to power in 2021 and we will inaugurate it”, he said. The CM praised that Coimbatore is an ideal city for women to live safely. He further said that security has been beefed up with 20,000 surveillance cameras installed in Coimbatore.

He said that 68 Amma clinics are being set up in the district. “The NEET exam was implemented only during the Congress regime in which DMK was in alliance. Jayalalithaa withheld it for as long as she was there. The court ruling forced it to be enforced. In addition, a 7.5 per cent internal quota has been enacted for government school students, creating the opportunity for 435 government school students to study medicine and dentistry.

This is not the demand of the opposition or the people. I went to a government school. So, I executed the plan that arose deep in my mind. The AIADMK was the only government to provide drought relief to farmers during continuous drought. The AIADMK government has implemented development projects for the people such as subsidized two-wheelers for women and various joint drinking water projects.

DMK leader Stalin had complained to the governor about corruption in the AIADMK regime. It also had my name on it. He mentioned in the complaint that the tender was cancelled two years ago” he said while he questioned, “Shouldn’t Stalin, who reads someone’s writing, have researched the report when it comes to complaining about the minister and the chief minister?” “While former Ministers who were accused of corruption in the DMK regime have been in a court trial for many years.

In this situation, Stalin is carrying out false propaganda accusing the AIADMK ministers of being corrupt. I am ready to respond on stage at the same CODISSIA ground. Is Stalin ready to discuss the DMK scams?”, he added He also stressed the need for popular support for the AIADMK alliance, which will forever be a bulwark for minorities, and listed the plans in the AIADMK election manifesto at the campaign meeting.

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