Add journalists to frontline staff list: Chennai Press Club

The spread of corona infection is increasing across the country, especially in Tamil Nadu. Over the course of a year, the media has been at the forefront of raising awareness about corona infection in the midst of various crises.

Hundreds of journalists suffer from corona infection. Since there is a shortage of vaccines across the state and the government is given access to the vaccines on a preferential basis, the Chennai Press Club has on Thursday appealed to the central government to add journalists under the umbrella of frontline workers.

Bharathithamizhan, Joint Secretary of Chennai Press Club has said in a statement, “In collaboration with Apollo Hospital, we launched an attempt on January 31 to vaccinate journalists in Chennai. While the Apollo Hospital offered to vaccinate journalists for free, the effort did not work because of the absence of journalists on the central government’s list of frontline staff on the Vaccine Management website.

Following this, on February 16 last year, a request was made to the Union Minister of Health, Hon. Harshvardhan. The same request was made to the Tamil Nadu Health Secretary on the same day.” He adds, “It is noteworthy that more than 100 journalists registered to be vaccinated in Chennai during the period when many were reluctant to get vaccinated.

However, the Union Ministry of Health has shown no interest in giving corona vaccines to journalists. Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections have been announced and it was conducted. In collaboration with the Corporation of Chennai, a limited number of journalists were vaccinated without age restrictions on the basis of election staff. Journalists under the age of 45 cannot be vaccinated after the polls close.

The main reason for this is that the Central and State Governments have not yet added to the list of frontline personnel the journalists involved in the day and night corona immunization awareness campaign. Today (15-04-2021) the Editors’ Guild also urged the federal government to take appropriate steps to vaccinate journalists and journalists without any age restrictions.

” The Chennai Press Club, therefore, urges the central government to take immediate steps to vaccinate journalists at high risk of contracting corona infection without any conditions. They have urged all concerned with the welfare of the press to add strength to this demand.

“As the corona infection spreads rapidly, we journalists are in a position to even get vaccinated. In this situation, we should not be negligent in protecting ourselves from infection. We must adhere to defensive measures, including the mask and social distancing,” the statement added.

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